Three Simple Tips on How to Prepare for an Interview

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1. Thoroughly read the job description

After you apply for a position, make sure to go back and read every single line of the job posting. The employer is looking for someone who fits this description, so it is very important to make yourself relate to it as much as possible. You can easily do this by pointing out and underlining key words and skills used in the description, and then going through your background and figuring out when and where you showed those skills. If you don’t have experience with something on the job posting, you need to think about any relatable experiences that shows what you can offer to the company. Make sure to also point out that you are a fast-learner and love researching new things/ideas. Remember- you want to convey why you are the best candidate for the position by showing that you are what they are looking for.

2. Research, Research, Research

Our top recruiters at blueStone can not emphasis the importance of doing your research on the company you are interviewing for. You can first do this by simply going on their website and looking on the About Us, News, and Blog pages. While also looking on their website, you should see if you can find any names associated with the department you will be working in and then find them on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. You shouldn’t be connecting with them quite yet, this is only to get a feel for the work environment/company culture. Make sure to also go on the company’s Twitter and Instagram page to find out any news that they feel is important to post and you will also get a better feel for the company’s personality. Lastly, candidates have found it helpful to go onto Glassdoor and look at the ‘Reviews’ section and ‘Interview’ section. This shows some challenges that the company might be facing, and it prepares you will interview questions that they have used in the past. When viewing the ‘Reviews’ section, one of our lead recruiter’s advices to not believe everything you see on the page. “You should use it as a tool to ask probing questions- not to hang on every word of a disgruntled employee. Use the information for what it is and hold off on judgement until YOU actually meet with them.” Doing your research will make you look prepared and stand out from other candidates!

3. Practice Makes Perfect

What picture comes into your mind when thinking about someone waiting in the lobby for their named to be called for an interview? Someone might picture a man or woman dressed up but then being nervous, sweaty, and anxious. Let’s change this stereotype. In order for you to look and sound confident, in order to convince the hiring manager that you belong at their company, you need to practice and rehearse typical behavioral and technical interview questions. You can do this by having some friends over and rehearsing these questions out loud. Another idea is to record your answers on your laptop and then play it back to see where you need to improve. Every answer should include you describing the situation that relates to the question, the actions you specifically took to complete the task, and then the impactful end result of your efforts. Using real-life examples will display the value that you will bring to the job. Also make sure to not overlook the unforgettable, “Tell me about yourself” question.


Follow these tips while prepping for an interview and you will have a better chance getting your dream job! Make sure to also follow our blog series on what to do during and after the interview!

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