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You’ve walked out the door and the interview is now over. Wrong! After the interview you want to evaluate your interview experience.  Ask yourself, what would you do differently? Where can you improve? What were your impressions of the company? Are you still interested in the position? Be proactive. There are a few things that you can do that will increase your odds of getting that second interview and hopefully a job offer.

Below are four simple things that you need to make sure to do after your interview:

  1. Remember names. Write down the names and contact information of everyone you talked to during the interview. This will help you write your thank you letter and it’s a way for you to stay in contact with them for future opportunities.
  2. Send a thank you note to your recruiter.  Most staffing firms, like blueStone, would like the candidates to send their recruiters the thank you note that they would send to the employer. The letter should contain a brief summary indicating why the position is an excellent match given your assets and your appreciation for the opportunity to meet them.
  3. Notify your references. In case your employers call your references, you do not want your references to be caught off guard. Make sure you let your references know how they might be receiving a call, and summarize your position and why you believe you are a good fit.
  4. Stay in touch. Even if you don’t hear back from the employer or the recruiter, make sure you stay in touch! You never know when there might be potential openings in the future; therefore, it’s important to stay positive and open. You can also now connect with them on LinkedIn, and send articles related to their industry/position to grab their attention.

Now you know that even when you walk out of the door, the interview is not over. Make sure to follow these four simple steps and stay positive!

Learn more about this critical phase of the interview process by watching this helpful video.

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