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Finding success in your career is in part determined by your social practices and behaviors in that role. If you consider the level of cooperation needed to keep a company running smoothly and successfully, it is quite easy to reason why the social environment is an extremely important aspect to the overall wellbeing of the business and all of those involved with it. We will explain some of the key practices and behaviors that form a successful social environment.  We hope that you will be able to implement them in your role and contribute to the betterment of your company’s social environment.


This is one of the fundamental tenants of a proper social environment. Perhaps so because failure to show courtesy in the workplace poses a large potential threat to the efficiency of operations and the wellbeing of the employees. Practicing awareness of your coworker’s current availability before engaging with them is an excellent way to avoid pulling them away from their work at inopportune moments. You can attempt to gauge their availability by observing a number of their behaviors: whether or not they are fixed in concentration, on the phone, or in dialogue with another coworker. If your desired interaction with them is not urgent, then you may elect to postpone it if they seem to be overwhelmed or markedly busy at the moment. In remote work environments, understanding the current workload of your coworkers is much more difficult, as you lose the indicators of busyness that physical workspaces can sometimes offer. When reaching out via email or messaging software, you might opt to add some language near the beginning of the message to indicate the urgency of the topic, so that a quick scan of the message can tell your coworker they need not immediately engage if they are busy at the moment.

Intended distractions are sometimes hard to avoid because they are often necessary or pressing, but unintended distractions, on the other hand, are a useless harm that should be avoided in a proper social environment. Be conscious of volume levels if you are on the phone or in conversation with a coworker. Make sure that you speak clearly enough to conduct your conversation successfully, but try not to be especially loud or raucous if there are coworkers in earshot. This careful balance of volume modulation can help decrease auditory distractions for those around you, and if practiced by everyone in the workspace, can decrease the need for loud speech in the first place since the ambient noise level will be much lower. If you need to listen to audio, try to use headphones so that those around do not get disturbed. Reducing unsavory social behavior that presents little to no gain to you or the company and damages the workspace efficiency can be one of the most logical steps in implementing the best practices of social behavior into your workspace.


Proper social behavior does not only entail subtracting distractions and disruptions from the workplace. Making an effort to bond with your coworkers can also help facilitate an exemplary social environment. Appearing at company social events is a great way to bond with your coworkers. With work to the wayside and the pressure cooling off, you may find it much easier to connect with your coworkers. Finding common interests, sharing stories, or having a laugh are just a few of the many ways you can get to know the people you work with. Building camaraderie between you and your coworkers can lead to increased morale as well as improved job performance, as the former greatly impacts the latter.

Social behavior in day-to-day office life can be optimized by taking opportunities to socialize with your coworkers when appropriate. Engaging in small talk in shared office spaces like the break room or the kitchen can be another great way to enrich the social environment of your company. A friendly conversation here and there can set the atmosphere for a cooperative and interactive workspace, and the above best practices of courtesy can help you determine the most opportune time to socialize.

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