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There has been a shift to virtual meetings instead of in-person ones; and with this switch comes the potential of a myriad of problems. Our recruiters would like to share some virtual meeting best practices to avoid these problems. These tips will help to ensure smooth and successful virtual meetings.  

Understanding Technology

The most important virtual meeting best practice tip that blueStone Staffing has is to get to know the virtual platform that your company is communicating with. Whether that be Google Teams, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype etc. It is imperative that you understand how to use the video meeting function to the best of your ability. This may seem like a tall order for some, as some business professionals have operated their entire career without needing to navigate video calls/online conferences. However, times change and learning a video platform is easier than ever. Many platforms post tutorials online on how to use every aspect of their video call platforms, as well as trouble shooting tips on their websites.  


At blueStone Staffing we also recommend learning how to troubleshoot computer problems on your own; as IT support won’t always be readily available. Showing up to virtual meetings a few minutes early is a great way to practice this. These extra minutes allow for time to confirm that your audio, visual and other technology are all working. If using headphones, make sure that the audio and speaker of the video platform are connected to the headphone audio input and output; checking this early could avoid delays in meetings. Checking your virtual meeting video is also crucial. Make sure that you are clearly visible and there are not any glares obscuring the image on your screen. Video problems can also be caused by poor Wi-Fi, you may just have to let whomever you are meeting with know that you have poor connection and suggest that you call in instead.

Best Practices

Our recruiters recommend having a browser open with only the necessary tabs whenever entering a virtual meeting. There is always a chance that you will be asked to “share your screen” and having Facebook, Twitter and Candy Crush open during your meeting will likely not go down well with your coworkers or your supervisors. It is also good virtual meeting practice to have an organized and clean google chrome background, nothing that will distract during the meeting.  

There are even best virtual meeting practices when in charge of facilitating a meeting. In this situation, best practices would be ensuring that those who need to share their screens during the meeting have the proper permissions beforehand, and constantly monitoring the chat for any questions that may come up during the meeting. In more important meetings, we recommend creating a virtual “waiting room” for your virtual meeting participants, this way everyone enters the virtual meeting at the same time and proper introductions can be facilitated by the correct people.  


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