Big Data Solutions Division

Big Data roles demand a high degree of quantitative and technical expertise (particularly, data science and big data technology), reality is that the requisite skill sets are difficult to cultivate and only possessed by a limited supply of highly-sought people. The supply of talent is growing, though demand is growing at an even faster pace.

Companies increasingly rely on data insights to understand and predict customer behavior. Between customer loyalty programs as well as other internal and external data sources, companies have more access to data than ever before. But what does it all mean?

blueStone Staffing helps companies find skilled technologists, market researchers and statistical analysts who can tell the story behind the data and transform numbers into actionable insights.

Roles we have filled

  • Hadoop Developers
  • Amazon Redshift Developers
  • Tableau Developers
  • Oracle Big Data Analysts
  • SAP Big Data
  • Data Scientists
  • Predictive Modeling Analysts
  • Statistical Data Analysts
  • Big Data DBA’s
  • SAS Analysts
  • Quantitative Analysts

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As the leader of the Big Data Solutions Division team, I am responsible for recruitment for roles such as: BI Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Warehouse Architect and Hadoop Developer.

I am one of the Managers of Client Services at blueStone Staffing and have many years of experience in this business. Outside of work, I am a husband, a father to three amazing kids, a SHRM board member, and an avid CrossFit Athlete.