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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attract Recruiters

Are you in the midst of your job search, or maybe just starting to look and not getting much traction? You may want to take a look at your LinkedIn profile. These days that is one of the first thing hiring managers will look at before deciding if they want to invest their time with [...]

Tips on How to Work with Recruiters and Headhunters

Working with recruiters can have a variety of benefits for your career success. It will open up additional job opportunities you didn’t know about, provide key insights into your specific job market, help negotiate higher compensation packages, and provide critical resume and job-search advice! All of this is FREE for candidates; so why wouldn’t you want [...]

Resume Tips That Will Help You During Your Job Search

Are you just starting your job search? Did you know that an average hiring manager spends about 6-7 seconds looking at your resume to determine if you are a right fit for the company? This means that you need to make your resume stand out! Your resume should include your objective, education, prior work experience, [...]

Write a Thank You Letter After the Interview…It is the Key to Success

Sending a thank you email or letter should be an automatic response after an interview. It shows your appreciation of the hiring manager and employees for taking time out of their day to speak with you. Some hiring managers have even said that it is disrespectful and a red flag to employers when potential candidates [...]

blueStone Gives Back Part 2

During this holiday season, blueStone wanted to give back and decided to partner with Evolution of Benefits (EOB) in order to collect donations for the organization, Connections for the Homeless. Founded in 1984, their mission has been to end homelessness, one person at a time. This is blueStone’s first time collecting for Connections for the [...]

blueStone Gives Back

This year marks the first year that blueStone Staffing has partnered with our building-Hamilton Partners as an official drop off location for Toys for Tots, an organization that we have been actively taking a part in since 2013. Our first Toys for Tot drive just a few years ago where we collected 28 toys. Since [...]

Skype Interview Tips from blueStone Staffing’s Top Recruiters

As we had said before, more and more companies are using phone interviews, as well as skype interviews, as an easier way to narrow down potential employees. Skype interviews are a little more personal than phone interviews, since you are finally putting a name to a face. Even though Skype may seem more relaxed on [...]

Phone Interview Tips From a Top Staffing Agency – blueStone Staffing

Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes a day and doing in-person interviews for each one of these potential candidates is simply impossible. This is why so many managers use phone interviews as a way to narrow down candidates and learn more about their personality. The phone interview will be focusing on questions about prior work [...]

Solving Basic Interview Questions and Concerns Part 3: What to do after the interview

You’ve walked out the door and the interview is now over. Wrong! After the interview you want to evaluate your interview experience.  Ask yourself, what would you do differently? Where can you improve? What were your impressions of the company? Are you still interested in the position? Be proactive. There are a few things that [...]

Answer Interview Questions Using the Top-Rated STAR Method

The STAR Method is a great way to answer behavioral questions in a confident manner. STAR is an acronym for four key concepts. Each concept will guide you to perfectly answer these behavioral questions such as “Give me an example of a time you face a conflict while working on a team. How did you [...]

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