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Best Practices: Virtual Meetings

There has been a shift to virtual meetings instead of in-person ones; and with this switch comes the potential of a myriad of problems. Our recruiters would like to share some virtual meeting best practices to avoid these problems, as well as ensure smooth and successful virtual meetings.   The most important virtual meeting best practice tip that blueStone Staffing has is to […]

How to Prepare for a Teams or Zoom Interview

A well-executed virtual interview will not only help facilitate the traditional items discussed in a normal interview, but also exemplify your ability to thrive in a remote work position. We would like to share some virtual interview tips and insights from our team so that you can best prepare for a Microsoft Teams or Zoom […]

Managing at Home Distractions and Time Management

Managing at home distractions and time while working remote is a difficult world to navigate. At blueStone Staffing we have many recruiters whom manage these challenges every day; and they have some tips and tricks they’d like to share.   Working Remotely With Kids Navigating working from home during a pandemic is hard, and kids have made this an even bigger challenge. There have been viral videos of kids interrupting important work calls, weather forecasts, and more. No one household is […]

Home Office Tech Setup

Considering the emerging work practices of the post-pandemic world, a work-from-home position may very well be your reality or future. While measures such as glare & background management can greatly improve your home office on video calls, there are also many technologies that will play a key role in your success at your home workstation. […]

How to set up your home office

As we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, it has become clear that work as we knew it pre-pandemic will never be the same. Companies are slowly transitioning too all-online or hybrid practices; and it’s important that the workspace that you present online is professional. In this article, we will tell you how to do just that.   Picture Quality  It’s […]

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attract Recruiters

Are you in the midst of your job search, or maybe just starting to look and not getting much traction? You may want to take a look at your LinkedIn profile. These days that is one of the first thing hiring managers will look at before deciding if they want to invest their time with [...]

Tips on How to Work with Recruiters and Headhunters

Working with recruiters can have a variety of benefits for your career success. It will open up additional job opportunities you didn’t know about, provide key insights into your specific job market, help negotiate higher compensation packages, and provide critical resume and job-search advice! All of this is FREE for candidates; so why wouldn’t you want [...]

Resume Tips That Will Help You During Your Job Search

Are you just starting your job search? Did you know that an average hiring manager spends about 6-7 seconds looking at your resume to determine if you are a right fit for the company? This means that you need to make your resume stand out! Your resume should include your objective, education, prior work experience, [...]

Write a Thank You Letter After the Interview…It is the Key to Success

Sending a thank you email or letter should be an automatic response after an interview. It shows your appreciation of the hiring manager and employees for taking time out of their day to speak with you. Some hiring managers have even said that it is disrespectful and a red flag to employers when potential candidates [...]

blueStone Gives Back Part 2

During this holiday season, blueStone wanted to give back and decided to partner with Evolution of Benefits (EOB) in order to collect donations for the organization, Connections for the Homeless. Founded in 1984, their mission has been to end homelessness, one person at a time. This is blueStone’s first time collecting for Connections for the [...]

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