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Humans are social creatures, and we have each other to help us be the best version of ourselves. Regardless of where you are in life, developing, expanding, and maintaining your network is essential. This is because we are largely defined by the relationships we have. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to develop a network that will create opportunity, foster an exchange of ideas and create a reliable support system.  

Why Networks Are Important

The strength and size of your network directly correlate to your outreach within a community. If you have a good relationship with someone then their network can become your own. Whether that means being able to contact a potential employer with a mutual friend or someone with certain expertise that can assist you with your endeavors, the better your network is, the more people you with be able to reach out to. Furthermore, networks can act as a support system. Maybe you need help setting up a website, and your old roommate was a computer science major. Perhaps you’ve hit an obstacle in your career or a project and don’t know how to get past it. Reach out to people that have dealt with similar issues you may be experiencing; bonus points if you can offer them something in return—even if that’s just future considerations.  

A well-developed network should foster an exchange of ideas. More diversity will offer a variety of people with different experiences and skills. This diversity should come relatively organically as you should network from different aspects of your life. This includes former and current classmates, teammates and fellow club members, family, and of course, people you work with and for. Each of these people can offer something useful that you should consider incorporating into your worldview and lifestyle. On top of this, the success and stories of people in your network should serve as a source of inspiration. So, stay up to date with people to know what they’ve been up to and how they’ve overcome their adversities. 

Building Relationships

If you’re still in college, you should be building your network, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Student government and Greek life are two prime examples of ways to establish relationships with driven, hardworking people. These friendships will be strengthened when you make time for one another and are enthusiastic about what they’re up to. Similarly in the professional workplace, making genuine relationships with admirable people will create a strong network. Make an effort with people you respect and notice ambition from, while making sure you too display promising attributes like passion, accountability, and authenticity. Be sure to check out our other blog on networking and the follow-up to learn more about how to set yourself apart from the pack. Once you form these connections, be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn to stay in tune with the digital world too.  


Everyone looking to build their network should have or create a LinkedIn. LinkedIn is how professionals exchange ideas and offer a support system in the digital world. Be sure to connect with people you already know from work, school, and your social life. When it comes to those you don’t know as well, LinkedIn will typically prompt you to message these people before you connect with them. This message can act as a follow-up or an introduction depending on the situation. When building your network on LinkedIn, it helps to have a polished and impressive profile. If you’re looking for help developing your profile or learning the ins and outs of LinkedIn, reach out to blueStone associate Anthony Paul for a free LinkedIn Profile Workshop. Shoot him an email

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