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Does the concept of client-led vs firm-led seem confusing? Don’t worry, we’re here to explain! When looking to work with a staffing or consulting firm to complete a project or fill a vital position, it’s important to differentiate when your company can take the lead or when you need the firm to take more control. Staffing solutions are perfect for help with the hiring process while consulting firms can provide whole teams. Client-led projects will only require a resource to be provided by a staffing firm. Firm-lead projects will enable a client to hand over the delivery, risk and responsibility of a project to consultants that will execute your vision. Clients understand their company, but sometimes it’s best to give the reigns to the firm that has the right skills and experience.


When your company feels confident handling a project in-house but requires a resource, it should look to staffing solutions. Staffing firms can provide the right professional and handle the onboarding process so that the new hire can play their role under the supervision of the company. Quick turnarounds with the hiring process and obtaining qualified individuals are two of the biggest perks of enlisting a staffing firm to fill important and time-sensitive roles.

A helpful way to look at client vs firm-led projects is as a puzzle analogy. Imagine a CIO working on a puzzle. He knows exactly what the final picture should look like, but he is simply missing a piece. This metaphorical piece is a resource that staffing can provide, like help with a hiring process. In this case, the CIO could enlist a staffing firm to find a person with the right skills and experience. This individual can then assimilate with the company or project and complete the puzzle under the direction of the company. Essentially, the company knows exactly what or who they require, what they’d like to accomplish, and how to go about completing that goal.


If the technicality of a project seems too daunting, time-consuming or risky, it’s likely a better idea to turn the responsibility of accomplishing the deliverable to a consulting firm. They will be able to utilize their specific skills and experience to not only augment but reduce the risk, time and cost of a project. This would fall under the category of a firm-led project. When companies need external and comprehensive help, consulting firms and teams are the answer.

In the case of consulting, the client needs the whole puzzle. The client understands their business and the direction they would like to go in, but they require a consulting firm to lead a project or work on a specific deliverable. The upside of consulting is that skills and responsibility lie entirely with the consultants which reduces risk and can reduce the timeframe as well. Naturally, this is a more expensive process for the client than staffing.

Here at blueStone

At blueStone Staffing, we offer both IT staffing and consulting solutions. So whether your company needs subject matter experts for special projects or health care and medical staffing, we’re here to provide the resources needed to augment your company and help realize your vision. With this being our third and final blog post on implementing staffing, be sure to check back next week as we delve into blogs on industry evaluation covering automotive, healthcare and services.

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