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We gave advice in a previous post dealing with job rejection. Methods used in the hiring process can also work for job performance when you get the job. Having a good idea of your job performance can help you meet role needs, simplify progress reports, and improve your skills. We will talk about ways that gauging your job performance can improve each of these areas.

Keeping Up With The Role

Tracking your job progress helps ensure that you stay on top of your work duties. These needs should be clear to you upon hiring, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting an idea of your basic duties. If not, ask your boss for these expectations. Once you have a grasp on these needs, you can see how well you meet them in your job. You may do better in some areas. You may do worse in others. Be mindful to balance your efforts, as this will round out your overall job performance.

Communicating Progress

The ease of progress reports is another benefit of gauging job performance. Some roles require that you provide updates on projects and work duties. By staying up to date with your job progress, these tasks become less of a burden. You will feel more prepared with the details and info at your disposal. Out of the blue meeting? No longer an issue. Changes in the project that affect your work? Easier to manage. On top of actually getting to the needs of the role, it also helps prove this progress to your boss. If a team member writes a blog but no one is around to hear it, did they really write it? A joke of course, but it has some truth to it. Make sure that your employer has just as good a grasp on your job progress as you do!

Improving Your Baseline

Now that you know the bare needs of the job, you can work toward improving on them. From this baseline, you can plan ways to increase your job performance. Grouping skills together is an easy way to tackle your overall work progress. Say you work in marketing and wish to perform better in your role. Practicing a skill like graphic design may improve many areas of your job, instead of just one. As a result, you are using your time very wisely. This can be a huge factor in the process because your normal work duties will probably steal much of your time and energy away.

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