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Considering the emerging work practices of the post-pandemic world, a work-from-home position may very well be your reality or future. While measures such as glare & background management can greatly improve your home office on video calls, there are also many technologies that will play a key role in your success at your home workstation.


Your computer will be the single most important piece of technology in your home office, and you can only perform well if your computer does too. If you do not already have a computer set up, you can scope out many budget-friendly options that maintain good performance without draining your bank account. If you do have a computer already, assess its competence by running a few tests. Video call a friend, open a taxing program (or one anticipated to be used for work), and reference storage statistics to ensure adequate space is available. If you do not wish to have a dedicated work computer, a hard disk drive can provide a separation of storage between personal and work files.

At blueStone Staffing Solutions, Inc., all full-time employees working from home will be provided with a work computer and a dual-monitor setup. We believe that a well set up home office plays a key role in the success of our employees working from home.


Whether you prefer earbuds, over-ear headphones, or stereo speakers, you will need a dependable source of sound playback. Earbuds and even over-ear headphones can be great for meetings, providing for a courteous and private work experience if there are other people close to your home office. Alternatively, a set of stereo speakers can provide for an excellent solution to sound playback when working alone. Whichever device you decide to use, be sure to invest in quality; Communication is infinitely important in remote work applications, and clearly hearing your colleagues is a must. Being able to clearly speak also determines success at your home workstation. Ensure you have a well performing microphone by testing the call quality with a friend. Being able to both hear and speak clearly will give you the best chance of productive communication between you and your colleagues as you work from home.


You may have a camera built into a laptop or a fancy desktop monitor, but most home workstations are in need of a webcam setup. A good webcam will allow colleagues and clients to see you clearly in your home office, displaying the utmost professionalism in video calls.

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