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A well-executed virtual interview will not only help facilitate the traditional items discussed in a normal interview, but also exemplify your ability to thrive in a remote work position. We would like to share some virtual interview tips and insights from our team so that you can best prepare for a Microsoft Teams or Zoom interview.


Be careful not to approach the meeting too casually. The comfort of your home may tempt you into treating the virtual interview less professionally. You should come as professionally to a Teams or Zoom meeting as you would an in-person interview. Be sure to dress well; it will not only help you hold yourself confidently, but also demonstrate to your potential employer that you will bring a professional discipline to your remote work position.

Since your Teams or Zoom meeting will likely involve video, you should also retain a professional setting around you. Find a clear, calm place to serve as your background. You may opt for a virtual background, available in both Teams and Zoom, if no area is suitable enough. Provide an adequate area for yourself to conduct your Teams or Zoom meeting. This is one of the most important virtual interview tips we are sharing with you.


As you proceed through your Teams or Zoom meeting, keep your eyes on the screen. It may be easy to shift your attention when you are physically alone in a room, but attentive eye contact and posture are essential for a successful virtual interview. Your engaged and respectful demeanor will tell your potential employer that you are a professional and dedicated candidate for their remote work position.

In advance of your virtual interview, make a hard copy of your resume to reference during the meeting and keep a pen and paper close by. This will help you retain attention with the meeting while providing necessary information and taking notes. You should prepare questions for the interview, both in order to learn key aspects of the position and to give the impression that you are interested and engaged with it.

Connecting Virtually

You will want the interview to go as smoothly online as it would in person, so be sure to run through your computer’s capabilities before your meeting. Check that you have a stable internet connection, quality audio and video input, a functioning Teams or Zoom program, and a reliable way to hear your interviewer(s).

An attractive feature of work from home positions is not having to meet in person. This means that candidates can apply from far and wide. This can also be tricky. Remember to check the time zone the interviewer is in so that you will not show up at the wrong time. If you are willing to do that calculation, budget your time correctly to show up promptly as well!


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