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As we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, it has become clear that work as we knew it pre-pandemic will never be the same. Companies are slowly transitioning too all-online or hybrid practices; and it’s important that the workspace that you present online is professional. In this article, we will tell you how to do just that.  

Picture Quality 

It’s important that you have a picture quality that is clear and clean. Try to avoid sitting in front of a window, as there will be glare on your screen, and those you are meeting with virtually may not be able to see you. 

Sound Quality 

If possible, establish your space where there will be minimal interruptions. A great way to make sure audio in the background doesn’t make it into meetings is to always work with a pair of headphones. This way unwanted sound doesn’t reach! Using headphones also ensure the clarity of your audio.   


Make sure that your background is clean, and professional. Try to find an office space background that is minimal, with no distracting posters or decorations. At home, this may be more difficult than it sounds. In this case, utilize the many functions of online video platforms and choose to blur your background or choose one. Another option would be to purchase a privacy screen, to block out a potentially cluttered background. Setting is also important when choosing a place to do your work and attending online meetings. For instance, setting up at a Starbucks where anyone can come in and interrupt your meeting or work, is not a great idea for a home office space.  

Invest in Comfort  

If you are going to be working from home indefinitely or for an extended period of time; investing in a nice office chair and desk may be worth it. Choosing cheap alternatives may be beneficial in the short-run, but sitting in a chair that doesn’t support you could cause future health problems. We recommend investing in standing desks, which are ergonomic and allow you to stand and sit throughout your day.  

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