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Work from home positions are proliferating the workforces of many businesses post-pandemic, especially staffing firms. The hybrid office model serves to incorporate work from home practices into traditional business structures. Before the pandemic, widescale remote work was a path seldom taken by companies, and the territory is new to employer and employee alike. This stresses the importance of diligent management and design in a successful hybrid remote work environment. Our team at blueStone Staffing Solutions explains how to properly handle a transition to the hybrid office structure.

A New Frontier

As previously mentioned, the hybrid office model is relatively new to many businesses that are beginning to integrate them. To many, this open frontier presents many exciting possibilities to explore and capitalize on. However, this pioneering comes at the cost of little to no support from tried and true methods. Adaptability is a key element to the hybrid office model and provides the solutions to newly discovered problems that the lack of by-the-book methods cannot solve. A company must ensure that its team members are capable of overcoming obstacles presented by remote work and balancing the aspects of physical office space so that the hybrid office model employed there can work efficiently.

With the role of managing a hybrid office work environment comes the responsibility of taming some of that unknown frontier, disseminating it, and communicating it clearly to the team members. The structure of the hybrid office model may be ever changing, but giving clear expectations help to make operations successful. Policies outlining remote work expectations can help ensure professional behavior and efficient output of employees settling into their work from home position. A reflection of the company management’s grasp on this exploratory alternative work practice can bring a sense of security and trusted guidance to the team, allowing them to perform as efficiently and safely as they can.

Risk Management

Work from home positions have been made possible due to advancements in technology. That which powers remote work also poses a great risk. Cybersecurity must be intimately woven into the hybrid office model to mitigate risks to the business’s integrity. As a part of training team members to successfully work in a hybrid work environment, measures must be taken to ensure safe online habits to manage the potential risks involved in remote work. Explaining the nature of phishing scams and password security can help to prevent breaches in company or personal data. Engaging in remote work on secure networks, by using a VPN or a private network, and arming the workstation with antivirus software are measures that will greatly reduce the risk of compromising the integrity of the company. Ensure that the software used to conduct hybrid office activity like virtual meetings and sharing documents is secure and private, the same way one would expect their physical office to be.

The unique challenges to employees in work from home positions must also be considered. A major risk to remote work is the degradation of work/life boundaries caused by sharing a location to both live and work in. While blueStone recommends that remote work be done at home, we feel it very important to establish separate areas for work and life. Being able to escape your office after work is over lets you reset your mind and body for the next day in a comfortable space. Another risk stems from this nontraditional work practice. Virtual engagement and activity can take a toll on employees in high volume. Attending long meetings and virtual projects can subject a team member to burnout, so managing this strain with breaks and alternative accommodations can help alleviate the unique stressors of virtual work.

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