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Now that you’ve got an interview for a potential job, you should take the proper steps in preparing for it. The interview process is one of the most important aspects of searching for and landing your desired position. This is often a very comprehensive and detail-oriented task. Our team at blueStone Staffing would like to fill you in on a few key areas of the interview process. We want you leaving the meeting with the best chance of getting offered a job. Read more to learn some interview tips and tricks.

Assessing Your Skills

Whether your desired position is work from home, in person, or in a sort of hybrid office model, your potential employer will chiefly be searching for a candidate that possesses the skills necessary to hold your desired position. Demonstrating these skills to your interviewer is something they may ask of you. This trial can help them get an idea for the quality of work you are capable of. This trial may include total time elapsed, accommodations used, and materials consumed, etc.

It would be wise to approach this trial seriously and with conviction. The outcome of this testing period can serve to show employers what it might be like if you were to hold the position in question. Be sure to provide the most accurate depiction of your professional ability and behavior. Transparency and reliability in a candidate can help establish trust between them and the company. This will increase the chance of a job offer and may polarize yourself from the competition.


The interview process touches on many different facets of filling a potential position. It won’t simply rely on the merit of skill required for a duty. This means that the employer will be looking at qualities outside of just the technical ability to do the job. An examination of personality and temperament will likely be held by the employer so that aggravation to the current office culture is avoided. This will likely be a subjective analysis, so there will not be as many interview tips and tricks to follow verbatim in this aspect. We recommend that you simply be yourself and pursue a company that best matches your personal values and identities.


Even in times of work from home positions and hybrid office models, the importance of one’s appearance ever still exists in the business environment. How you present yourself may be even more important now as we enter the future of workplace behavior and in person meetings begin to fall to the wayside. If meeting online via Zoom or Teams, take steps to ensure an uninterrupted setting like managing the light or tidying the space up. Do not let the comfort of your home trick you into underdressing, and as with most aspects of working virtually, take note of novel business stylings and behaviors when not absolutely certain what to do.

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