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Does your company have an upcoming project that’s time sensitive? Are you looking for a specific or temporary set of skills that you may not have in-house? Depending on your needs, either staffing solutions or consulting may be what your company needs. Read more to learn the important differences between staffing and consulting and how they can reduce risk and expenses and offer quick solutions. From data analytics for products to project managers, information technology staffing connects passionate people with ambitious companies.

IT Staffing

Countless companies turn to staffing as a solution for employment. By working with staffing companies, clients obtain experts in various fields to quickly fill positions they are in need of filling. Staffing is all about identifying and then providing the resources for a client to serve their need. The staffing firm will help the client source the requisite resources to help the client complete their project, but the responsibility of completing a project still lies with the client.

Risk, Budget, and Time

Subject matter experts or “SMEs” are a resource staffing firms can provide that can help reduce project risk. Often times SMEs are deployed at different times along the life-cycle of a project to improve its efficiency so that the SME is available when needed. This single person can help a client develop quality products. This is opposed to a whole team being enlisted to develop the entire solution which would be much more expensive and considered consulting.

Using staffing firms saves time and money. The process of finding the right person for a position is time-consuming and requires focus. By enlisting a staffing firm, a client can reduce the time needed to find a candidate and help ensure they find the right person. Since staffing just provides the resource, it’s typically less expensive than consulting. Staffing firms provide a “Just-In-Time” workforce management solution to their clients. Staffing companies use recruiters who specialize in finding individuals with the correct skillsets. Distinguished IT recruiters will locate talent and connect them with ideal opportunities. Whether you need QA testers, software developers, engineers, or business analysts, IT staffing will find professionals for you.


An important branch of IT staffing is IT Consulting. Consulting companies will provide a team to clients to work on specific deliverables. A more expensive and comprehensive process. Often, companies will turn to consulting solutions when they don’t have nearly the people or resources needed to handle a project internally. Consultants may also be required for projects deemed highly complex, and that are better served with rigid structure and expertise to minimize risk.

When a company reaches out to a firm, it will specify an assignment. From there, the company will task a team to accomplish that deliverable. These assignments often come in the form of projects, reports, or programs. Not only does this process provide a quick solution and turnaround, but the consultants are experts in specialized subjects that can offer new insights and strong leadership.

A Glimpse of our Work at blueStone

Here at blueStone Staffing Solutions, we specialize in finding people who are passionate about information technologies. Our recruiters help these people connect with companies in need of their skills and facilitate the vetting and hiring process. For example, we work with top-tier automobile manufacturers and provide the Subject Matter Experts needed to complete their autonomous driving cars projects. We’ve also paired data analysts with some of the largest tire manufacturers to determine when truck tires would fail. Essentially, we supply the consultants that help our clients change the world. Check back in on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more as we delve into a new string of blogs from the client angle. We will cover implementation of staffing, industry evaluations, EMR and data best practices, and more in the months to come.

More About Us

blueStone Staffing is a Certified Woman-Owned IT Staffing Company. We were founded in 2002. One of North America’s premier staffing firms, we assist mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients. We find talented candidates that can help complete your project on time and within budget. Our company is transforming the staffing industry. blueStone has excelled over the last 19 years, becoming the vendor of choice for many of the Fortune 1000 companies located in the United States. We hope to be the consultant that you trust your professional IT project needs to! We will surround you with meaningful attention. Our team creates long-term relationships with our clients, candidates, and associates. In brief, we help great people execute their vision.


Contact us to learn how we can help your company fill roles that seem impossible to staff. Or come see us to find your next role!
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