Job Rejection: Regroup, Revise, and Reapply

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Even amidst a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report projecting job growth north of 10 million jobs by 2030, largely due to Covid-19 pandemic recovery, you will likely face job rejection at some point in your job search. It can be discouraging, but you can use rejection as a point of strategy in securing your desired position. We would like to provide you with some tactics to improve your candidacy for a role by using the outcomes and experiences associated with job rejection.


It can feel all too easy to shut down mentally after receiving notice of rejection from your desired position. However, you should try to reflect on the experience while the memories are freshest. It will do your mind some good to remain productive and focused. Reflect on each aspect of the engagement: your submitted resume, interviews/meetings, submitted tasks, materials received from the company, etc. Reach out to your point of contact and ask to have details of the job rejection explained to you. This will help you make sure you understand what ultimately contributed to the deliberation. Now that you have a good picture of your activity, the business’s response, and the final outcome. You can begin the stages of revision.


Now it’s time to revise the information you gathered in the previous phase, which will help your potential of securing your desired position. Taking the time to modify your approach after each job rejection will save you from wasting your time and getting rejected for the same mistakes over and over again. You can increase your chances for landing your desired position by continually optimizing your candidacy for the role. Understanding your shortcomings or mistakes is an important aspect. However, it is useless without meaningful actions to correct and perfect your candidacy. Knowing more about yourself and the roles you would like to occupy, and putting forth effort to align to two, will help you avoid job rejections and land your desired position.


This is the testing phase of the “new” you. Get back out there and offer up the improved materials and efforts of your job application. Perhaps your revisions included changes to the application process itself. This could be the company type or jobs applied for, so be sure to employ your new methods as you try again. There will be two likely outcomes: securing your desired position and gathering more data for the cycle to repeat. We do hope for the former in this case, but you may be subject to the latter. Do not worry, as each cycle through this process returns a more capable and knowledgeable candidate. You will not only gain insights on yourself and on the desired role, but you will also get better at gathering criticism and improving on it as time goes on. Good luck, you’ve got this! Remember to Regroup, Revise, and Reapply!

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