Senior Project Engineer


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Reference Code: 4471

CRW – C6 Controls Senior Project Engineer (Body Controls Engineer)

920 Townsend Avenue, Lansing MI 48933

Duration: 51 Weeks, 5 Days


Story Behind the Need – Business Group & Key Projects

1. Tell me about your business group and the purpose of your team:

• All 4 positions with this HM are very similar. Some specific skill sets may be adjusted based on Job Description.

• Lead Controls Engineer working with ME Team

2. How does this role fit into the bigger picture?

• Working with Plant Suppliers in GM ME Team – bring new tooling equipment into the plant.

• PLC programming at the site.

• Primarily bring in new tools to the plant, debugged and up and running.

3. Will they be working on a specific project? Tell me about that project.

• See above

4. Are there any additional key projects currently in process for the business group?

• Lansing Delta Township Plant

• New tooling / equipment

• Automation of new equipment

5. What is the reason for this request?

• Increased demand and need resources

Specific Responsibilities of this Position

1. What does a typical day entail?

• Automation of new tools

• PLC programming

• Supplier/Vendor buy-off at facility

• Meetings/working with team on tools to ensure compliance

2. What are key responsibilities/deliverables that the resource will be responsible for?

• Automation of new tools

• PLC programming

• Supplier/Vendor buy-off at facility

• Meetings/working with team on tools to ensure compliance

3. What are the (must have) skills you are looking for in candidates and years of experience for each? (If Manager is hesitant, suggest the top 3-5 skills)

• Controls Engineer experience

• Automation of new tools

• PLC programming

• Great communicator – with internal and supplier contacts

• Problem solve and provide equipment

4. What tools or technologies must the candidate have experience in and how many years or level of proficiency?

• Typical Automation Equipment – some robotics potentially

5. Degrees or certifications required? Is equivalent experience acceptable?

• Engineering Bachelor’s Degree (Electrical Engineering degree preference)

• 5-10 years of PLC programming can be considered

i. If candidate does not have Bachelor’s – they need to be a Senior


Worksite Description

1. Is your team remote right now due to COVID-19? If so, are you open to candidates that are not local?

• Onsite – some requirements to go to local suppliers

2. Tell me about the group dynamic/environment within your team/department?

• Fast-paced environment and reacting to needs of the plant.

• Resolve problems quickly – being flexible and able to support

• Meeting with different teams

3. What is the size of your team?

• 10 people

4. Inquire about interactions with Manager(s) and other team members:

• In-person when onsite. Meetings with team members/suppliers. Virtual calls as needed.

5. What makes this position stand out? Why would make someone interested in this opportunity? (Contractor Value Proposition. If manager pushes back or simply answers, “It’s GM,” provide market insight on local competition)

• Great enjoyable atmosphere

• Working with tooling from the beginning (design to implementation) and see full lifecycle

6. Have you filled these positions in the past? (If not, insert research and market info for context/ If yes, provide market analysis info and perhaps some data on previously filled roles/rates within the program)

• n/a

Preferred Work Schedule

1. What are your core hours of operation?

• Generally, M-F (some expectation to work weekends/holidays/off shift)

• 7-4pm EST

2. Will the worker have any flexibility with their hours?

• Yes, HM is flexible

SSV Process

1. How do you want to conduct skill set validations (phone, face to face, panel)? Multiple rounds? GM is encouraging all SSVs to be virtual at this time.

• Virtual interviews via Webcam – must be VIDEO

2. What is your timeline for reviewing candidates? (Resumes should be available within 48 hours)

• ASAP – at least 2 of the positions

3. Inquire whether the manager has upcoming travel/business trips. If so, obtain dates.

• HM PTO – between Christmas and New Year – few days here and there

4. SSV Times Available?

• ASAP – at least 2 of the positions

Confirm Position Details

1. Work Location:

• On Job Request

2. Number of Openings:

• 4 openings total with different Job IDs

3. Shift:

• 7-4p EST but flexible

4. Target Start Date (keep in mind one week for sourcing, one week for interviews/2+ weeks for onboarding):

• January 2021

5. Length of assignment:

• Is there any possibility of extension? (Suggest dates that align with the end of the year mass extension and provide the benefit of extending assignments on the manager’s behalf)

o Long-term. Possibility for extension beyond. Not guaranteed.

6. What are the estimated hours per week for this position? *note to emphasize this will be transferred into Workday and will impact their Headcount allotment internally

• Amount Straight Time:

• Amount Overtime:

7. Does your team generally participate in the Contract Worker Shutdown days throughout the year? Will they be participating in Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year Shutdown?

• There will be some Holiday time work – installation during times the plant is not running

8. Will this position require travel? What percentage?

• 20% travel – between Southeast MI and Lansing

• Be able to sleep in their own bed

Work Site Description: 

Lansing Delta Township


Preferred Work Schedule:         

Day shift with some weekends, off-shifts and holidays.



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