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Whether it is work from home, in person, or a hybrid of the two, finding work requires a thorough analysis of each aspect that makes the position right for you. One of the most important elements to this process is understanding very intricately what you are qualified to do. This can be an extensive survey of many aspects of both your own life and the various employers’ needs, but the effort is very much worth it. We would like to give you an idea of what should be on your mind as you prepare to find a place in work from home and/or in person positions.

Education and Experience

Reviewing your education and making sure you are current with the core material and knowledge you were trained with to earn your degree and/or certification is an excellent way to confirm with your potential employer that you are capable of meeting the specific responsibilities of the position. Supplementary training may increase your aptitude in a field you desire to work in, especially if the culture and mechanisms of that field are evolving. You may need to become familiar with work from home tools if you are working virtually or learn how to operate a new technology at the office or worksite that has recently become standard in the practice, for example.

In many careers, past experience in your prospective position’s duties is required for consideration of the job. Even if experience is not always required, you have the competitive advantage over other less qualified applicants. Similar to your education, you should reflect on your past experience in order to identify potential jobs that have the best potential for employment. If you are considering a work from home position for the first time, make sure that your experience is useful and translational to virtual work. This will mitigate inefficiencies with the still primitive work from home jobs, which are a frontier of difficult adaptation and nimble adjustment.


The Covid-19 pandemic brought about the rise of work from home positions over traditional in person jobs, and with that, the geographical element of searching for employment has become more complicated than it has ever been. If you are pursuing fully virtual work, you may be able to bypass the usually rather constraining bounds of traditional work. Take caution in this case, as you need to carefully analyze the details of the prospective job. You may be required to appear at the office or worksite in person some days, so ensure that this position is not a part of a hybrid office model if you are living very far away from where you are planning to work.

If your sought-after position is in person, be sure to secure reliable transportation to your office or worksite. Keeping the integrity of your job’s responsibilities by showing up when you are supposed to will fortify your professional reputation and job performance. This may mean seeking employment with a reasonable commute. If you have transportation limitations, your office or worksite may need to be close to public transportation or a short walking commute to your home.

No Stone Unturned

Some jobs may have some unusual preferences or requirements that can be easily glossed over when considering the other qualities of the position. You may be required to have a car and valid license, or travel on occasion, or work inconvenient and nonnegotiable hours, for example. Make sure to scrutinize all of the details provided to you for a job in order to know exactly what to expect. Understand your desired work situation prior to looking for a job so that you will be able to identify positions that align with your needs. This will help ensure that you can meet the expectations of your employer, who reasons that you are aware of and compliant with the conditions detailed in the position.

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