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LinkedIn is a great resource for your professional needs. A social media for business, it works by ‘connecting’ you with others. You can also use the vast networking potential to help you find roles and advance your career. But how can you take advantage of this amazing platform? It all starts with optimizing your LinkedIn Profile! Many companies use LinkedIn to staff their roles and recruit consultants for their clients. blueStone Staffing is one of them, and we turn to the platform often to provide staffing solutions. We’d like to share what we think makes a great LinkedIn Profile!


You can find this heading on many of our blogs, covering a variety of advice. And there’s certainly a reason why. Taking the time to fill out each category makes all the difference in your success on LinkedIn. You can modify your LinkedIn profile easily by clicking the ‘add profile section’ on your profile’s page. From there, you will find every section that you can display on your profile.

A well-built LinkedIn profile can provide similar functions to a resume. Sections like your summary, job experience, and recommendations should be especially detailed. These give visitors of your page an idea of who you are and what you’ve done. If recruiters searching for candidates on the platform can quickly glean vital info from your profile, they are more likely to engage with you. Blend content from your resume into the sections of your profile, so you represent yourself well on the platform.

The skills section of your profile should also be filled with techniques and topics you are proficient at. If you’re extra confident, you can take a skills quiz and earn a badge on your profile! This can draw the eye of recruiters or companies that are looking for your specific skillset. Adding details to your education section can back up your skills. There are even sections for accolades like honors & awards, exam scores, projects, and other works that can further vouch for your abilities.

Tidying Up

Detailed info isn’t the only thing that makes a strong LinkedIn profile. The platform allows for neat and welcoming visual control of your page. The way your profile looks can greatly impact how much of your content someone actually reads. Your profile picture is one of the most important factors to consider. Pick a photo of you that’s warm, inviting, and professional. Think of it as how you’d present yourself when meeting someone for the first time in real life. A nicely chosen picture will invite visitors to your page and provide credibility for your identity. The quality of your text is another major aspect to a clean profile. Using the right casing, grammar, and spelling can make your content easier to read and displays professionalism. As a result, more content gets through for the detailed info to work its magic on.

The headline of your profile can be used in different ways to attract specific visitors. Composing your headline with skills and specialties can be useful for job searches. Using it to describe your role can be helpful for networking and development. Once you decide which is right for you, go ahead and build a visually appealing headline. Don’t make it too long, but try to add some good detail to it.

Smaller aspects of design can also greatly affect your LinkedIn profile. Change your page’s URL so that it reads more smoothly and looks attractive. Remain as brief as you can! Default URLs look something like You should make it more concise and neat:

About Us

blueStone Staffing is a Certified Woman-Owned IT Staffing Company. We were founded in 2002. One of North America’s premier staffing firms, we assist mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients. We find talented candidates that can help complete your project on time and within budget. Our company is transforming the staffing industry. blueStone has excelled over the last 19 years, becoming the vendor of choice for many of the Fortune 1000 companies located in the United States. We hope to be the consultant that you trust your professional IT project needs to! We will surround you with meaningful attention. Our team creates long-term relationships with our clients, candidates, and associates. In brief, we help great people execute their vision. 

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