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You landed a job after reading our tips on searching for a job! Great! But what now? Well, the next step is promotion. This may be a distant goal for some jobs, but wherever you work, keeping your mind on promotion spells success for your career. We have some thoughts on ways to better your shot at getting promoted and some key things to remember as one comes your way.


Promotion in your company may be unexpected. As a result, you should prepare like one is always around the corner. Even if none come, your career will benefit from your efforts. Looking toward promotion is a great time to reexamine what you are qualified for. This can help you weigh the role’s needs with your abilities if a promotion pops up.

You might also look beyond your company for a promotion. But make sure to carefully compare the role with your current job! Higher pay? Cool! But is it far away? Demand more tasks? Lacking in culture? Ask yourself questions like these as you decide if a move to another company is the right choice for you. You might find that this role isn’t really a “promotion”. Or you might find it a great fit! It all comes down to comparing the jobs as best you can and having a strong sense of your needs.

You can also make yourself more available to these chances. Being able to work remotely can open you up to more promotions as the workforce evolves. By taking location out of the equation, you can consider many more roles and find the best one for you! Again, even if you don’t get a promotion, your effort will benefit you greatly. Preparing for work virtually can help if your current company suddenly moves hybrid office model or fully remote. Instead of battling a learning curve, you can start ahead! And who knows, maybe that great transition puts you up for a promotion in the end!


Job performance is the most important factor in preparing for a promotion. There are others, of course, but this should be your primary concern. Improving your skills and mastering your role shows that you might be ready for bigger tasks. There are many ways to go about this, and our other blog posts can help! Make sure to read our advice on ways to improve your skills and life outside work in order to increase your job performance.

For some promotions, mastery of current skills doesn’t cut it. Some jobs might ask for more than your abilities and training allow. Enter professional development. In Skillsoft’s Women in Tech Report, they found that the demand for professional development outpaces its supply among professional women. This shows the scarcity of this valuable resource. As a result, keep an eye out for any programs or opportunities for PD in and out of the workplace. They can be

However, job performance can sometimes fall short in projecting future competence in responsibilities or tasks that do not traditionally relate to your current position. Enter professional development. In Skillsoft’s Women in Tech Report, the discrepancy in desire for professional development and opportunity for it among professional women shows that the resources of training can often be scarce. Due to this, stay vigilant for any opportunities presented in the workplace that focus on learning, practicing, and implementing skills that might broaden your abilities. If no such opportunities are present, speak with your employers about possible professional development options for employees and your desire to receive expansive training. If this cannot be managed at your current company, this may also be a factor in looking elsewhere for employment. These resources can greatly influence the deliberation of your competence in skills outside of your current role, leading to further opportunities to expand and capitalize on new responsibilities through promotion.

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