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Maybe you’ve taken our advice in job acquisition and found yourself employed in your dream industry. Hopefully, things are going well, and you are considering your future and upward mobility at your company. There are some careful considerations when deciding whether or not to pursue a promotion, based on your time and experience with the company. Read our thoughts below to get an understanding of what you should be doing to increase your shot at a promotion and how to successfully transition into your new role.


An internal promotion is not always a sure thing and can often be subject to opportunity and circumstance. Since you cannot always anticipate the chance you will be given to receive an internal promotion, you must assume that it can happen at any time and take the necessary steps to prepare and optimize your performance now (which we will discuss below). Even if the opportunity does not present itself internally, the practice and determination involved with seeking a promotion ensures that you will perform to the best of your abilities. This is valuable for retaining employment, fulfilling expectations, and building a reputation that you can take elsewhere.

Another avenue in the pursuit of promotion is looking beyond your current company for a new role. You may find better pay and more advanced responsibilities at another company, but there are also implications that differentiate this from an internal promotion. With an internal promotion, you are likely acutely aware of the company’s culture, practices, and values. This is not likely to be the case initially if you are leaving your company for a new one. Be sure to diligently assess what you are walking into and how it compares to your current role, as this will determine if the move is truly a “promotion” or just seemingly so. Many different factors including responsibilities, hours of work, and location can influence the salary and must be accounted for when comparing the positions.


Job performance is the quintessential factor to preparing for a promotion. It does not stand alone, but it should be your primary concern as it displays competence and preparedness for more advanced responsibilities. Showing that you can accept and fulfill your current responsibilities is a secure indication to your employer that you are ready for larger and/or more complex tasks. Practice healthy habits outside of work to ensure optimal performance, reflect on past job performance for improvable areas, and put your best foot forward in your current role in order to best prepare yourself as you are looking toward promotion.

However, job performance can sometimes fall short in projecting future competence in responsibilities or tasks that do not traditionally relate to your current position. Enter professional development. In Skillsoft’s Women in Tech Report, the discrepancy in desire for professional development and opportunity for it among professional women shows that the resources of training can often be scarce. Due to this, stay vigilant for any opportunities presented in the workplace that focus on learning, practicing, and implementing skills that might broaden your abilities. If no such opportunities are present, speak with your employers about possible professional development options for employees and your desire to receive expansive training. If this cannot be managed at your current company, this may also be a factor in looking elsewhere for employment. These resources can greatly influence the deliberation of your competence in skills outside of your current role, leading to further opportunities to expand and capitalize on new responsibilities through promotion.

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