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Have you ever experienced burnout in the workplace or school? Staying motivated can be really tough, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re having trouble with consistency or you’re just not sure what kind of self-care you need. We’d like to suggest some strategies you can use to avoid burnout, help with focus and stay motivated. Read more to learn about focusing on long term goals, building good habits, recovering from burnout and our employee support program.

Staying Motivated

One very important aspect to stay motivated is setting and acknowledging long term goals. Set long term goals to help you to see the bigger picture and understand what you’re working towards or for. Knowing “the why” will motivate you to accomplish the more tedious tasks. So, make sure your “why” is one you believe in! This will help with focus and ensure the longevity of your work ethic. Whether it’s a project for your company or an assignment for a class, remind yourself of the payoff. A clear and revisited understanding of the reward or payoff that lies ahead will help you stay motivated and prevent tunnel vision.

Building Good Habits

Building good habits is vital for consistency and momentum. A great focus for developing good habits is a strong morning routine. Wake up around the same time as much as you can—at least during the weekdays. This will not only help with your internal clock, but it will create some basic consistency. Follow waking up with a string of morning habits. Stretching, a quick workout, meditation, a bathroom routine, and a healthy breakfast are all great ways to start your day.

Next, it’s huge for your momentum to accomplish a small task. Replying to some emails, starting an assignment, or going for a run are all some examples of accomplishments you can build off of. In doing this, you provide yourself with some mental or physical energy that will reverberate throughout the day.
Similarly, staying as consistent as possible will keep you motivated and prevent burnout. However, you must be realistic with yourself. Create a schedule that you can adhere to day in and day out. It should allow you to accomplish what you need to complete while providing time for stress relief and room to breathe. This certainly doesn’t need to be instantaneous. Use trial and error to gauge where your limits are in terms of productivity. You should also be diligent in measuring the level of effectiveness of various breaks. If you notice that certain “breaks” tend to spiral into a lack of productivity, adjust accordingly. A good break should replenish you and not cause you to lose motivation.

Recovering From Burnout

Sometimes you simply burnout. It can happen for several reasons, but the bottom line is that you’ve reached your limit. Practicing different modes of self-care is a great way to combat burnout. Don’t bury your stress! Address your mental health and improve it with self-care. Everyone is different but common examples are listening to music, going outdoors, or spending quality time with friends and family. Though you should still find relief during the week, weekends are the perfect time to delve into self-care.

Along with self-care, try assessing why it is that you’re burning out. Are you over-extending yourself or struggling with stress management? Committing to accomplishing too much can cause you to become very stressed and lose your ability to concentrate. As mentioned before, be realistic with yourself, and if need be, reevaluate your priorities. This may mean cutting out certain things to focus on what is more important. Do this by zooming out and observing your long term goals. As far as stress management goes, be sure you have a good understanding of your needs. Personality assessments are a fantastic way to supplement your self-awareness so that you can provide yourself with the right relief.


Whether you’re a student or employee, there is support for you. Close friends and family are often the best people to turn to when you struggle but know the resources organizations provide you. They’re there for a reason. Here at blueStone staffing, we have employee support that we call our Employee Assistance Program or EAP. The EAP is designed to support employees in a wide array of manners. From mental or emotional help to financial and legal assistance, we care about our employees and will make sure our staff gets the help they need. Tough times fall upon us all, and that’s why we offer counseling and live chats through Perspectives, a website and app that provides professional counselors and development services.

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