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Especially in today’s age, managing your online reputation on social media is extremely important. Your network and current or potential employers can learn a lot about you from what you do or post online. Our team at blueStone Staffing Solutions would like to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in the digital world.


First impressions are powerful and lasting. A good start to making sure yours is a good one is being diligent with your profile. Depending on the particular social media, the level of professionalism can vary. On LinkedIn for example, you need to present a professional a vivid picture of yourself. This is important for impressing potential employers. We recommend nothing short of business casual. However, on your Instagram or Facebook, it’s ok to appear more casual and simply be who you are. So, if need be, be sure to update your profile picture. Going with an appropriate profile picture, we also suggest creating a bio that bolsters your reputation.

Whether your social media bio is short or comprehensive, it should help paint an accurate but respectable picture of who you are. Consider including your interests or involvements. Think hobbies, passions and groups that you are part of. It’s important to flesh out who you are in your bio. Bonus points if you can include accomplishments, accolades or volunteer work. A bio with professionalism and individuality can go a long way in securing a good first impression and creating a positive online reputation.

Making Good Decisions

Regardless of what you do or want to do, making strong decisions is extremely important to your professional development. Show that you are capable of making good decisions on social media so that you don’t turn away potential employers and damage your online reputation. Making sure your past doesn’t come back to haunt you is a good start. Your posts, tweets and interests can all be found on your social media accounts. Posting problematic content serves as an endorsement of those beliefs or that lifestyle. Be sure to avoid being pictured with alcohol if you are or were underaged, and any sort of drug should never make an appearance. Essentially, don’t allow posts of you jumping onto tables from roofs or drinking excessive alcohol to circulate the internet. So avoid posting things of this nature because it will not help with your professional development, online reputation or getting hired.

Furthermore, who you follow or engage with on social media may be taken into consideration. Being cautious with pages, people and sites you show interest in is part of making a good first impression. All it takes is a little bit of research to discover what or who you support. Of course, it’s entirely okay to include niche interests, but there are plenty of things that will be universally frowned upon. It’s fairly easy to find any captions you’ve made or comments you’ve left, so always make sure they are appropriate. Basically, you always want to be spreading positivity and putting your best foot forward.

Professional Development

Networking through social media is a crucial part of your professional development. It’s important that you present yourself in a way that will encourage others to want to connect. By following the basic steps and practices we’ve listed in this blog, you can ensure that your online reputation will assist in securing and building a stronger network. In general, aim to be as professional as you can on social media where your online reputation is at stake.
Lastly, with the significant increase of virtual meetings, you’ll want to know how to present yourself in a professional way over Zoom and Team Meetings. If your interview is virtual, managing your online reputation is a big part of impressing potential employers. Check out our other blog to learn more about expectations and bests practices for virtual meetings.

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