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People tend to have a solid understanding of themselves, but there’s no such thing as too much preparation. Personality assessments are a fantastic way to boost your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and deal with stress. They also help reveal your ideal career paths and help your interview and job performance review skills. We advocate for the utilization of these assessments to boost productivity and happiness in the workplace. The Birkman Assessment and The Meyers Briggs Personality Test are two great examples of personality tests. The Birkman Assessment is more in-depth and costs $130. The Meyers Briggs Test is free to take and only requires 10 minutes of your time. 

What Personality Assessments Offer

One of the first things these assessments will gauge is whether you’re more of a task or people-oriented person. Introverts and extraverts are another way of understanding these differences. The Birkman Assessment categorizes people into four groups: communicators and thinkers that have an easier time connecting and empathizing with others and doers and analyzers that enjoy working with details and making decisions. However, it’s not uncommon to find yourself somewhere in the middle of the road as these tests create a spectrum. Take for example those who are selectively social or find themselves cycling between bursts of productivity rather than consistent work. Lean into your natural personality type and use it as a strength.  

Dealing With Stress

These tests will also highlight your potential weaknesses. Positions of unfamiliarity and being under stress will cause these weaknesses to arise. Early detection of increased stress is vital for maintaining mental health and productivity. Increased stress often leads to what personality assessments often refer to as stress behavior. Depending on who you see yourself as your stress behavior will vary greatly. Some people will withdraw when stressed, others may become aggressive or dismissive of their colleagues. Different people will need to have unique needs met to prevent stress from overcoming them. Introverts may require alone time to recharge, extraverts will want breaks from work where they can socialize and feed off other people’s energy, and nature lovers may just want to move their desk to a window with a view of the outdoors; basic outlets like these can greatly assist in the relief of stress.

Working With Others

These assessments can also help you learn how to empathize with others. People want to be treated a certain way, and understanding what that is can go a long way. Knowing how to accommodate others’ needs will help greatly with collaboration and communication. Assertive and social people will need to know who is in charge to follow their lead, otherwise, a lack of leadership will spur them to take the position themselves. Some people become easily stressed when they feel undervalued, so it’s important to treat these people with courtesy and recognition—when it’s earned. Lastly, but not exhaustively, detail-oriented individuals will care more about the process and efficiency of a project or goal and therefore will want to perceive similar adherence and focus in others.  


Birkman and Meyers Briggs both suggest ideal career paths and positions that you would thrive in based on your interests, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths and tendencies listed will also capture the essence of who you are. These will fit perfectly into your resume or LinkedIn profile. Employers and recruiters will be impressed by the utilization of these assessments as it may spare them the work of estimating these traits on their own, and it will display your awareness of your stress behavior. On top of that, your interviews and job performance reviews will be improved by these assessments. For example, the Birkman Assessment provides personalized questions to ask employers that will key in on the attributes you desire from an organization. These poignant questions will show a deep understanding of who you are in the workplace and genuine aspiration to find the right fit, so consider taking a personality assessment before your next big evaluation.  


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