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Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes a day and doing in-person interviews for each one of these potential candidates is simply impossible. This is why so many managers use phone interviews as a way to narrow down candidates and learn more about their personality. The phone interview will be focusing on questions about prior work history and basic behavioral interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself”, and less on technical questions such as “Compare and contrast REST and SOAP web services”, so keep this is mind when preparing.

Below are a few things to prepare for your phone interview:

  • Prepare your selling points. What makes you the best candidate?
  • Recall 3 personal stories in which you were responsible for a favorable outcome. Don’t forget to use the STAR Method!
  • Stand up and smile. By standing up and smiling, you are elevating your tone and it makes you sound more interested in the conversation.
  • Choose a comfortable environment. Shut out any distractions and eliminate any background noise such as people talking on the train or crying children.
  • Dress for Success. This is an optional tip, but some candidates find dressing like you are going into the interview a good way to get in ‘mood’ and you will also find your tone change to be a little more professional.

Phone interviews are a great way for recruiters to learn about you, but also for you to learn about the company, so feel free to ask questions to see if you will be a good fit!

For more tips on how to prepare for an interview check out our blog, Three Simple Tips on How to Prepare For an Interview under the ‘About Us’ tab on our website.

Learn more top recruiter tips and trips on how to ace your phone interview by watching this video.

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