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Perhaps you’ve read our recent blog on managing your online image and decided to fix up your profiles. While you’re making changes, you might also want to consider adding your career goals. Social media can be a really useful tool to advance your career. There are plenty of great sites to connect with those you know and forge bonds with new people. Learn about the benefits of applying career goals to your social networks and how to implement them by reading below!

Why Bother?

Social networks use a lot of probing questions to help you set up a profile. These wonderfully guide info that should definitely appear on your profile. However, they can leave out some important sections. One of those passed over aspects is career goals. Even in sites such as LinkedIn, which specialize in professional networking, you will only be asked for current and past job info. This means that the task is on you to make this info apparent on your profile. You should manage features like these ASAP because no one will remind you if you forget (except your friendly blueStone blogger, of course).

Many social media users focus only on the info they are asked for, which results in formulaic and boring profiles. Adding your career goals to your own page can help set you apart from the pack. Thinking about what you’d like to add might also inspire other abstract ideas for your profile. These insightful additions will show your network that you are working hard to grow and advance. They will also offer lots of key data from their innate value that can help the right people find you.

If you’re a veteran or a senior member of your industry, putting career goals on social media might seem pointless. However, this could not be further from the truth. Goals can be big or small, long- or short-term. And they can effect your day-to-day work greatly. Even if you are 80% up the mountain, thinking and talking about the last 20% is just as important as your journey thus far. Making sure to get these goals into your online profile is a great way to help you attain them!

Okay, So How?

While sites might not prompt your future aspirations, they still make it very easy to add them. There is often a place for you to describe yourself when designing your profile. This is a great chance to add ideas about the future of your career and plans you may have to reach them. It not only solves the lack of support on this data point, but also helps to build out your description/bio section if that is something you are struggling to do.

If your goals fall near or within your current role, you might also consider adding them to the descriptions of your work experience. It can help fill in visitors on why you have taken a certain position, what has formed your career goals, and what you are doing to achieve them. These insights are vital to understanding who you are and what you bring to the table.

You can also post content related to your professional goals. This avenue lets you expand into extreme depth on what you want to accomplish without clogging up your page. It also demonstrates a thoughtful and thorough approach to growth, a characteristic highly favored by employers.

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