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Managing at home distractions and time while working remote is a difficult world to navigate. At blueStone Staffing we have many recruiters whom manage these challenges every day; and they have some tips and tricks they’d like to share.  

Working Remotely With Kids

Navigating working from home during a pandemic is hard, and kids have made this an even bigger challenge. There have been viral videos of kids interrupting important work calls, weather forecasts, and more. No one household is the same in the way that it is managed or how it operates. These tips will help working professionals like you manage your work-life balance while working remotely. 

 A strategy that helps many of our recruiters is making sure that their kids have small things that they need; for instance, having a drink or snack table for kids to utilize when you are in a call or unavailable. Setting clear boundaries with kids is also important, emphasizing that when the door to your office space is shut that they are not to come in unless there is an emergency. Another solution is part-time day care or a sitter; if financially feasible. Even getting the kids out of the house for a few hours so you can focus on work has the potential to make all the difference in your performance at work.  

Working Remotely With A Spouse

A spouse that also works remotely can make working from home with kids easier, but at the same time add another layer of challenges. If you and your partner are both working remote, taking care of kids becomes a much easier task; as you are able to delegate time and responsibilities in taking care of them. For instance, you can have a span of 4 hours in the morning while you are focused on work, and in the afternoon your partner could have 4 hours, while you are responsible for the various needs of kids. This way you are both guaranteed at least half a work day with minimal distractions.  

Working with a Spouse at home could become difficult if you are sharing an office space. Being on a call while someone else in the room is also in a call is not always the most efficient, and can get distracting. A solution to this problem could include a noise cancelling headset; in which you only are hearing the calls that you are in. It is also good idea to compare schedules with your spouse before the week starts so that you are both aware when you have meetings; and if noise cancelling headphones aren’t a possibility, be prepared for that possible interference. 

Time Management

Working from home comes with many distractions, not just the distractions of children and spouses. You may be distracted by household chores that need to be done, cooking or any other hobby you may enjoy. To ensure maximum productivity during work hours, it is essential that every day you write a list of tasks you need to get done. There are also many apps that aid individual’s in staying focused on their tasks; however, if you don’t wish to download an app there is also an opportunity to set focus goals for yourself, which you then can rewards yourself for. These rewards could look like a quick screen break, or an extra coffee; whatever keeps you motivated.  

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