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Even if you do everything right, problems will eventually knock on your door. Big or small, you need to know how to resolve issues when they come up in the workplace. This won’t be so much a quick-fix for common issues, but a guide to general problem solving. We will explain some of the big-picture ways you can tackle obstacles when they pop up!

Looking into the Past

Study the problem you’re faced with. What is wrong? What do you need done? These questions might help you connect your current issue with one you have dealt with in the past. From there, you can refer to the solutions that worked and avoid those which didn’t. If a pattern forms with many similar problems, try to keep a log of things you’ve tried and their outcomes. This way you won’t spend more time troubleshooting than you have to. It’s also a bonus to those who take over your role or work alongside you, saving them the time of fixing the problem on their own.

Even if the issue never came up in your personal experience, it still might have happened somewhere. Look to a superior with skills and experience in your role. They might have wrestled with similar obstacles and could point you in the right direction. If that route doesn’t work for you, the internet may be of some help. Turn to a search engine or a specific forum and look for your problem. There’s a good chance that you’ll find the solution outright, and if not still likely come away with key info to help solve your problem. And if you resolve that issue yourself, consider going back to the post and sharing your tips! You’ll be joining the ranks of those who make the web such a great source of information!

Balancing Your Focus

Problems can sometimes take up too much of our focus. Some need a quick response and intense effort, while others can take a back seat. Telling the two apart is a crucial to your job performance and your mental health. It’s not always simple, but you have to be mindful of troubleshooting, so you can use your time wisely. Having a good idea of your role’s main responsibilities can help you decide what’s most important. If you have a strict deadline to complete a major report, an issue with your webcam can probably wait a bit. Assigning value to your tasks can help you prioritize the most important things first. This will leave you in better standing with your job and less stressed out over your performance.

You might find an important issue while another task urgently beckons you. This can be stressful since you notice the potential liability or damage, but feel equally obligated to meet your role’s main needs. In this case, reach out to coworkers or your superiors and alert them to the issue. Your company should appreciate your concern over the problem and your subsequent awareness of workload and clear communication.

Taking Advantage

When something breaks, we find two things: a reason to make it better and a way to do so. Innovation can often halt when we accept ‘good enough’. When you replace something that doesn’t work anymore, you might ask yourself, why? And, how do I change that? The things that went wrong and how they did so give you a basis to plan your improvements. This push to not only produce a working solution, but a better one is the great silver lining of resolving issues.

Avoiding ‘duct-tape’ styles of problem solving can increase the longevity of your solutions. When you don’t have to come back and keep fixing the same problem, your time will open up for new challenges and other pressing tasks. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by putting effort into troubleshooting and avoiding shortcuts.

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