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Part of your career success will be owed to your social behavior. Companies need a lot of cooperation to run smoothly, so you can see why social behavior is important to success. We will talk about some of the key aspects that make a strong social environment. Afterwards, we hope you use this advice in your role and help better your company’s social environment.


Courtesy is fundamental to good social behavior. When it breaks down, the operations and wellbeing of a company are threatened. But how do you keep courteous? Start with being aware of your coworkers’ attention. Before striking up conversation with a colleague, ask yourself: Are they on the phone? Typing at light speed? Speaking to someone? If they seem busy, they probably are, and this might not be the best time to distract them. Awareness helps make sure your social behavior stays courteous to your coworkers. This gets tough when work goes remote. You can’t always “look over” at a coworker when you work from home. In order to combat this, use extra awareness in the words of your messages. If it isn’t urgent, then you might want to say that first. In that case, the recipient can quickly dismiss it if they are busy.

Every office space has distractions. Ringing phones, clacking keys, squeaking chairs; these things are going to happen, and they must. You can do your part by minimizing your addition to the noise. Be mindful of voice level. Speak clearly, but avoid talking too loud when there are people working near you. Know you’ll be speaking a while? Try finding a closed door space for your conversation. Need to listen to something? Try a pair of earbuds or headphones. Managing your own noise can help put an end to office volume wars!

Working remotely? Distractions at home can be different, but they can still be managed! Courtesy also has value in remote work. Good social behavior in virtual meetings can help things run smoothly.


Courtesy alone does not make good social behavior. You should also try to bond with your coworkers. One way is through company-hosted social events. It might be hard to connect on the clock, so these events help ease the pressure. Enjoy the time off work and nice social environment of the event. Try to find common interests to bond over. Get to know your coworkers, and let them know about you in return. The morale of the office should grow, and with it, performance.

Daily interactions can also add to a good social environment. Small talk can ease your stress as you wait for the microwave or take a break. Add to the warm and friendly atmosphere of your office by greeting coworkers with a smile! Promoting these social behaviors in the office can increase cooperation on the job.

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