Media is a large part of business, even in industries where it isn’t the focus such as infotainment centers for automotive suppliers. Audio-visual engineers work to organize and polish media so that companies can distribute professional collaterals. At blueStone Staffing, we are prepared to source and recruit skilled audio-visual engineers for your project.

Screens and audio outputs are constantly innovating. This means that the channel a company chooses to present on must match its quality. Audio-visual engineers are technical professionals that can augment your output to ensure media success, so leave the hiring process in the hands of our capable recruitment team.

Audio-visual engineers deal with different aspects of media production, including:

  • Design and/or manipulate media capture tools and/or setting
  • Manipulate stems and assets with a wide range of effects and techniques
  • Deliver mastered audio and visual content for use in media products
  • Troubleshoot and maintain capture and processing tools and systems

If professional media is important to your enterprise, adding an audio-visual engineer to your team may be necessary. The process of finding the right candidate on your own can be difficult but working with our team of expert recruiters makes it simple.

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Roles we have filled

  • Audio-Visual Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Audio Technician
  • Infotainment Engineer
  • Multimedia AV Engineer

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