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Today we’re talking about a very important skill in the professional world: time management. Learning how to use your time well can improve your job performance and personal wellbeing. You will be able to work more efficiently if you are conscious and sensible about your time. As a result, you will likely feel less stressed and more in control of your responsibilities. Keep reading for our advice on time management!

Tools For Your Schedule

Before you can manage your time, you need to find the right tools for the job! We will discuss some of the best options for scheduling.


Managing your time has a lot to do with planning, and there are many tools that will help you. Calendars can keep you on track by marking important events and they are the supreme scheduling tool. They can be both physical and digital, each with pros and cons. A physical calendar stands out in your workspace, while a digital calendar might get lost in the sea of open applications and tabs on your computer. However, a digital calendar offers more capability and complexity. You can sync your schedule with others, create your plans more efficiently, and access it virtually anywhere. If you can keep focused on a digital calendar, we recommend using one for the advanced strategies it offers. You can even use both!

Calendars are especially important to time management if you work remotely. In an office space, you might see everyone gathering for a meeting. Or see someone and remember to complete their task. You will lose these helpful nuances in remote settings, so you need to be more aware of events. Using a well-planned calendar can help you stick to your schedule!

Timers & Clocks

Stopwatches and other timers are a very useful tool to use in the next steps of planning your schedule. You can use them to see how long certain tasks take you so that you can effectively plan for them. There are many day-to-day tasks that have a similar workload and knowing their average completion time can inform your scheduling decisions.


Once you decide which tools to use, you can put them to work! We will discuss some ways you can go about managing your time.

Setting Goals

Sometimes we keep a mental list of things we need to do. However, keeping it all up there sometimes leaves you with a pretty abstract view of your schedule. Instead, you should make an actual list of goals for the day. Writing your tasks down sketches a clear picture of the day’s needs and provides a stable reference throughout your day to keep your planned schedule more consistent.

Oiling The Machine

Those goals will need a lot of hard work to achieve. So make sure to schedule breaks to recharge so you don’t burn yourself out. If you sit while you work, find some time every so often to walk around and get the blood flowing. If you stand for work, take some rest sitting. This may seem like a waste of time on the surface, but it will lead to more consistency and success long-term. You will be a better employee and a more healthy person down the line.

Increasing Productivity

Alongside oiling the machine, there are other ways to increase the quality of your time. For example, our take on training programs will show you how to perfect your skills, helping you work more efficiently. More time freed up in your schedule means more support for overflow from other tasks, making you more adaptable and agile.

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