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Working with recruiters can have a variety of benefits for your career success. It will open up additional job opportunities you didn’t know about, provide key insights into your specific job market, help negotiate higher compensation packages, and provide critical resume and job-search advice! All of this is FREE for candidates; so why wouldn’t you want to work with a recruiter or a headhunter? If you get the chance to work with one, you need to make sure to follow some simple tips in order to effectively communicate and create a relationship with your recruiter.

Tips on how to work with a recruiter:

  1. Do NOT contact the employer directly. Since you are working with a recruiter, it is their job to match you with a position that fits your skills and qualifications. This is the same as going behind the recruiter’s back, which is a big no-no. At the end of the day, it is their job to help people like you in search for their dream career.
  2. Be honest with your recruiters. Tell them the truth about your background because a recruiter can help you work through any anomalies in your background to a client. In addition, it’s important to let them know when you are interviewing for other opportunities. This will keep the process moving quickly since they will know you have other opportunities in the works.
  3. Trust your recruiters. When you speak to your recruiter, clearly convey your career goals and what qualities you are looking for in a position. They have the relationship with the client and understand the client’s needs. They know what they’re talking about; so give them your trust, and they will guide you in the right direction. Any information that recruiters receive is truly with the candidate’s best interest in mind.
  4. Have patience and try to understand the process. Recruiters and headhunters are constantly trying to get feedback and next steps from their clients, and unfortunately, it’s not always a smooth process. Good recruiters will continue to update candidates even when there is no update. They get just as frustrated (if not more) when they aren’t able to get feedback from their clients in a timely manner.
  5. Thank your recruiter at the end of the process. Failure to express how much you have appreciated their hard work during the interview process, will result in them not letting you know of future opportunities. Recruiters normally have a list of “go-to candidates” for which a company needs someone to fill a position. Showing this appreciation might make you be one of these go-to candidates!

Recruiters can be a very helpful addition to your job search. Before you reach out to a new recruiter or headhunter, be sure to update your resume and even create a cover letter! View our free Resume Template and Cover Letter Template on our website in order to start this exciting journey. Make sure to also check out our videos for more interview tips from our top recruiters at blueStone by clicking ‘Interview Tips’ under the Jobs tab on our site!

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