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The STAR Method is a great way to answer behavioral questions in a confident manner. STAR is an acronym for four key concepts. Each concept will guide you to perfectly answer these behavioral questions such as “Give me an example of a time you face a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?” or “Tell me about a time you failed. How did you deal with the situation?” Remember, behavioral questions are normally asked to determine how well you performed a task in the past, and they will see this as the best predictor of future performance.

Below is the STAR Method:

Situation: Discuss the context within which you performed a job or faced a challenge at work. This would include describing a specific event or situation, not a generalized description of what you have done in the past.

Task: Describe your responsibility in that situation.  What were you required to achieve? What did you hope to achieve? What information did you review before taking action?

Action you took: Explain how you personally completed the task. Even if you are discussing a group project or effort, describe what you did—not the efforts of the team. Don’t tell them what you might do, tell what you did do.

Results you achieved: What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? Most importantly, what did you learn?

Make sure to remember this easy acronym when answering behavioral questions during an interview. Good luck!

Learn more about this methodology in answering behavioral interview questions by watching this video.

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