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Are you getting the most out of social networking sites? Social media is a powerful tool for finding job opportunities, building your personal brand, gaining invaluable information and efficiently communicating with virtual meetings. Whether you’re looking for the next step in your career or want to spread awareness for a cause you believe in, utilizing social networking sites is essential in today’s age.

Finding Job Opportunities

Did you know that social networking sites can be used for job search? LinkedIn and Facebook are two social media we use to not only post job openings we have but also to actively recruit the right people for the right positions. So be sure to furnish your LinkedIn and Facebook so it represents you well. Be sure to stay up to date with our LinkedIn so you don’t miss the next job opportunity.

Your Personal Brand

Different social media serve various purposes. Instagram is great for building your personal brand. If people are interested in the content you’re sharing, you can use media like Instagram for promoting and influencing. Few people have what it takes to be a social media influencer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote things. A popular method for promoting causes is adding links into your bio. Linktree is a commonly used site that allows you to direct people to a multitude of links such as organizations, charities and kick-starters. By having your Linktree link in your bios, you can efficiently spread awareness for numerous causes and content.  

Other important ways to use social media is to post updates and learn trends. These updates can be personal or professional often depending on the specific site. The more you post the more likely it is that you will develop a following. So go ahead and share that project you’ve been working on or the latest step in your career. Similarly, by remaining active on social media, you will have a better understanding of trends. Understanding what’s trending is important for relevancy and even predicting the market.  


Communication is a powerful tool that social networks offer. Make sure you have a way to host or attend virtual meetings. At blueStone staffing, we use Microsoft Teams for virtual team meetings and to send quick messages. Zoom also offers the ability to meet virtually but doesn’t offer messaging. Two great apps for creating group chats to reach an entire organization or group are GroupMe and WhatsApp. Both have gained lots of popularity for their ability to connect people globally for free. WhatsApp is objectively better as is offers the same group chat ability with the addition to voice and video call.


Lastly, social networking sites offer an abundance of information. There is so much that you can learn or teach yourself if you just know where to look. Being able to immediately find expertise on niche topics is incredibly valuable. Quora is a cool site that enables experts to answer any questions you may have. Unlike other some other sites, Quora is straight to the point with answers. On Quora, a credible answer will receive more upvotes and be the first result. YouTube is another vast source of information. As the second most used search engine behind Google itself, YouTube offers everything from podcasts, to lectures, to do-it-yourself guides. Consider exploring one of these two sites next time you have a question or want to explore your curiosities.  


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