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Technology has become an integral part of our lives. We use it to wake up in the morning, work during the day, and even to remind us when to go to sleep at night. Some people might even think technology is essential. In order for female entrepreneurs to start up a company in the tech industry, they need to overcome challenges such as being taken seriously in the male-dominated industry, while also coming up with ideas that benefit today’s technology that has not been discovered yet.

An article in Forbes magazine made an interesting point on the reasons behind the tech industry being male-dominated. They said how it starts from being a little girl in kindergarten. Girls grew up to being swayed into disliking computer science activities and studies have even showed that boys are called on more frequently in the classroom. Of course, there are other reasons to why there are barriers to entering this industry, but this was definitely an eye-opening notion.

Jessica Joyce-Brady who founded an app called ‘HairLooks’ gave her take about starting in the in the tech industry, “… the lack of women in the space, especially female software developers, made it difficult to find partners and get the company off the ground.” Being a woman-owned business ourselves, blueStone Staffing has also faced these challenges, and can relate to their obstacles. We give our support to all female entrepreneurs and hope for a successful future for females in the tech industry.

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