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Companies use staffing and consulting firms for employment solutions in a variety of projects and operations. As your client, the firm must find the best people for the job and help manage them along the way. Before we start looking, we need as much info on the job as possible. Then, we can put this data to use in our staffing strategies. We can also use this info to help manage the role after onboarding. In short, writing a good job description is the first step to successful staffing! Read our advice to refine the content you add to the job search.


Details make a good job description. Site location? Contract or direct hire? Fixed hours? Remote or on-site? All questions that might come up if someone considers your job. All questions you should answer in the job description before they get the chance to ask! Add some details about the company too. Things like goals, triumphs, and values all show people what it might be like to work for you. As a result, recruiters will be able to sort candidates better. This means a better approach to filling roles. At blueStone, we make sure to do staffing right. Our clients enjoy the smart approach we take to finding great people to bring their vision to life. So get the most out of our services and give us lots of details to work with!


Above all, a good job description displays the job title. It is the most important detail for finding the right people because it tells us the most about them. Someone with experience in the same role should manage the job’s needs well and should be qualified to do so. To increase your chances of drawing in the right people, make sure to explain the role thoroughly. Giving specifics of the job can help draw in people who want to do those tasks and shoo away those who don’t. Be as detailed as you can, so recruiters can relay that detail to their candidates. Talk about on-the-job software, production goals, involvement with other roles, main strategies, major tasks or projects, and anything that might be useful in trimming down the hiring pool.


Making sure your employees are qualified for the job is important. You can do this easily by making these requirements known in your job description. Certifications/degrees and professional experience are great measures of candidacy and often show up in role descriptions. You can attract the right people from the start by making education needs clear. Certifications are additional evidence that a candidate knows a field or practice. For instance, a certification in C++ shows they know the program well. Mention certifications in your job description, especially if they are must haves for the role. Along with what they know, you should also find out how well they know it. Asking for X amount of years in the skill helps you with this metric. These measures not only give you peace of mind, but also give lots of good info to the recruiters and applicants about what the job entails.

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