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Businesses utilize staffing and consulting firms to provide employment solutions for a variety of different projects and operations. Taking on your business as a client means the consulting or staffing firm must source competitive and competent candidates and assist in the employment processes from onboarding to offboarding where necessary and advantageous. A key component of the firm’s ability to present the right candidates to your business is writing a good job description to supply the firm with.


Main logistics and details of the role should be readily apparent in a good job description. Information such as site location, employment duration (contract/direct hire), preferred schedule, and remote/on-site policies can inform the firm’s recruiters which candidates would cooperate well with the role before the specifics of the position are inspected. A short insight into the company may also prove useful for the broad stroke of applicant sourcing. These elements can help promote a more efficient sorting process where prioritization of candidates’ interests helps give them an array of possible roles to choose from that are compatible with their logistical needs.


An explicit mention of the job title is vital to a good job description. It is the most important criterion for sourcing the right candidates for a set of roles that a client needs filled because it is the best indicator of competence. A candidate with experience in the same position will have the best chance at fulfilling the role’s responsibilities and will likely have the qualifications necessary for the job. To increase your chances of attracting candidates that are right for the job, make sure to explain your desired responsibilities thoroughly. Elaborating on key elements of the role expected on the job and specific needs that must be met in the position can help attract those who are aware of what needs to be done and believe they can do it. Be as specific as you can, so that recruiters can communicate exactly what will be expected of potential candidates. Mention programs used, production goals, interaction with other roles, strategies in place, major tasks or projects, and anything that might be problematic if discovered further along the hiring process.


Proving that the responsibilities and tasks of the role can be accomplished by potential candidates lies in the explicit preference or requirement of qualifications. This will usually consist of certifications/degrees and professional experience. Including the degree preferred or required in the job description helps to mitigate inefficient recruiting by making sure that no effort is spent on candidates who do not possess the education required for the job description. Certifications are another form of evidence that a candidate is educated in a certain field or practice. Explicit mention of desired certifications should be present in your job description, especially if they are unwaveringly required for the role responsibilities. Thorough explanation of the preferred and/or required professional experience desired for the position can also give the recruiter and applicants a better view of the role. Mentioning experience in certain programs like C++ and Python or in a managerial capacity like running QA and software testing teams can help illuminate and further develop the role’s expectations and responsibilities. Quantifying this desired experience can inform the level of mastery needed for the role, so be sure to include years of experience preferred or required with each item.

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