The Innovative Staffing Firm for the Engineering Industry

The engineering industry keeps the world moving and vaults it into the future, thanks to the highly-trained and talented professionals that make up this workforce. To fill these roles, a staffing firm must share a similar desire for talent and experience.

blueStone Staffing Solutions has long been a trusted staffing agency to countless mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients seeking to hire for engineering jobs. Our agency knows that engineers are split into many specializations, and we have what it takes to build a skilled and dependable engineering team, no matter which industry your business operates in.

Some of the engineering positions we regularly staff include:

industrial engineer

An industrial engineer builds and improves production systems, helping businesses produce and operate safely and efficiently.

quality engineer

With more choices becoming available to consumers in many industries, the quality of your product or service is all the more important. Quality engineers provide quality assurance and control for your organization’s products or services, using industry-leading techniques to identify issues and generate solutions.

environmental engineer

Environmental engineers take on critical environmental problems, using their interdisciplinary expertise to provide actionable solutions to historic and rising environmental challenges.

chemical engineer

From food and drink to industrial or household compounds, chemicals are everywhere and handling them correctly is vital to our safety and livelihood. Chemical engineers exhibit a strong understanding of their subject matter and excellent technical skills.

mechanical engineer

Machines have taken a huge amount of work off our shoulders. From commuter vehicles to largescale production equipment, these workhorses need to be designed with accuracy and precision. A mechanical engineer has the specific skillset and experience to bring these concepts to life.

network engineer

Our computers aren’t nearly as useful if they aren’t connected to each other. Both public and private networks are vital to our personal lives and business operations. Network engineers are the diligent and experienced professionals keeping us all online and building innovative network infrastructures.

civil engineer

Driving down the freeway, crossing a bridge, and using your home’s water supply are all activities we can do thanks to the talented and well-trained civil engineers that design and plan these important systems. Our world’s infrastructure influences much of our daily lives and professional potential, demanding high levels of capability and trust in our civil engineers.

audio engineer

Much of the digital media produced today includes sound, and audio production is a very technical and complex process. Audio engineers are skilled in industry-standard software and have expansive tactile skills with analog and physical audio equipment.

electrical engineer

In our high-tech age, designing and powering all these machines and contraptions is essential for the safety and efficiency of their users. Electrical engineers bring real-world solutions to electrical requirements and problems, planning and designing hardware and software implementations.

We have carefully selected our recruiters to provide the best support to our clients. When you choose us to staff your next engineering position, you choose dedicated experts that will find an exceptional candidate for the job.

If you’re looking for a staffing agency that specializes in engineering, look no further than blueStone Staffing Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.