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Application Development | blueStone Staffing Solutions

Application Development

Some people claim they invented the internet. We only claim to find the people that have improved it. We know the people to help you get your Business or Web App off the ground.

Big Data Solutions | blueStone Staffing Solutions

Big Data Solutions

Do you need people who know how to connect the Big Data Dots together with Hadoop, Tableau, Skytree, or Karmasphere? Well if you do, click to find what jobs we have available.

Mobile Development | blueStone Staffing Solutions

Mobile Development

Mobile commerce is the way a new generation is connecting to your company. Don’t fall behind your competition. Let’s get the people on your team to make you mobile.

Cyber Security | blueStone Staffing Solutions

IT Security

Don’t be the next company to make the news because of a data breach that could have been avoided. Let us help you build your team of IT Security specialists.

ERP Systems | blueStone Staffing Solutions

ERP Systems

Are you concerned that when the consultants leave that all of the knowledge will be leaving with them? Let us help you find qualified ERP specialists for your organization.

EHR Systems | blueStone Staffing Solutions

EHR Systems

Whether you are installing Epic, Allscripts or Cerner, we have the expertise to help with your implementation.

As a top IT Contract Staffing Firm, IT Professionals know they can depend on us!

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  • The relationship value, the attention to detail and the turnaround time far surpasses any other staffing companies that I have worked with. Regardless of where I work, blueStone is going to be my first phone call!

    Dann R. Ruth
  • I’ve worked with Nadine twice to recruit an important hard to find technical architect postion. Both times, I’ve had terrific candidates to choose from. She does a very good job of matching the candidates’ resume and skills to those needed in the job. And, she’s a pleasure to work with. I’d certainly turn to her again if the need arose. blueStone Recruiting has been on of the best IT technical recruiting firms that I have ever worked with.

    Karyn Moran
  • Allie and blueStone took the time to understand my qualifications, experiences, and future career goals. Many other recruiters just want your resume for their database and don’t really focus on the right fit. Allie and blueStone placed me in a company and culture that turned out to be a perfect match! I would definitely work with them in the future. She is the best technical recruiter that I have ever worked with.

    Alfred C. Fitts

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blueStone Staffing Solutions
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