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Our last posts on emerging technologies featured AI and Information. This week, we discuss a practice that, while having existed for some time, is leaping into the future. Workspace management comprises many different tools and techniques aimed to increase your company’s efficiency. The advent of tech in business has led to many innovative practices, and workspace management is one that poses excellent benefits to your organization.

Basics of Workspace Management

Before you decide if workspace management is right for you, read a little bit about what the process entails.

What is it?

Workspace management involves the collection of company info and the actions taken from it to further the organization’s efficiency and health. Main categories of the practice include operation costs & outcomes, employee wellbeing, physical & digital space management, and company assets. In order to carry this out, a company should look to both software and personnel for help. Workspace management certainly involves start-up and maintenance costs, but it will pay off in improved efficiency and employment stability. The degree to which you can employ it is also highly variable, which makes it versatile for different sized businesses.


Software for workspace management has been available for some time, but many of the first programs were basic and lent little power to decision-makers using the product. Recent advancements in software compatibility and AI have made way for some impressive suites, capable of handling many of the processes listed above. These programs can draw data from company systems to compile information from the many departments and sectors of the business. Some of them even provide insights on the collected data, making it easier for your team to understand large amounts of information easily. These more capable programs will likely be expensive; however, they are an excellent investment, especially for larger companies. 


Personnel is also important to workspace management, even if your business uses an expansive software. A subject matter expert (SME) is a professional that knows your business on top of the specific skills they bring to your organization. They are familiar with your industry and will become familiar with your company’s unique style & activity, so that they can carry out their role with the utmost context. This makes them especially valuable in workspace management applications. Industry optimization (IO) is the typical expertise that a company will seek out in an SME when trying to improve workspace management. SMEs are deployed in various terms, but even a short-term role can make a lasting impact on your organization.

Business Implications of Workspace Management

Your company stands to gain a lot from a proper workspace management strategy, especially if it’s on the larger side. Big companies often see lots of data and have many logistical streams. Systems in small businesses may only require manual upkeep. However, larger enterprises will encounter massive bandwidth drain and a vulnerability to errors if they go this route. Workspace management offers more automated and foolproof measures of controlling business operations at the cost of implementation and maintenance. Like many tools marketed to large companies, workspace management can be expensive. Like these other tools, this system works best at the intersection of need for the tool and means to get it, which tend to target larger businesses.

You can still employ workspace management techniques in a smaller business or with a low budget. There are plenty of programs that offer basic managerial tools for your business for free or quite cheap. You will mostly lose out on the bandwidth, AI capabilities, and third-party compatibility of the higher ticket programs. You can also operate workspace management without the use of an SME if you cannot hire or consult with one. This will decrease the actionable insights gained from the programs or diminish the deployment of such insights, but it’s still better than abandoning a workspace management initiative altogether.

Staffing the Future’s Workforce

If you want the full experience of workspace management, you’ll want to hire a subject matter expert to guide your efforts. This SME can manage your chosen program(s) and system(s), provide high-level analysis on the data, and work with your team to deploy the actions warranted from your system’s audit. This professional would work most efficiently consulting in an industry they are familiar with, due to the very unique and delicate decisions involved with workspace management. Choose an SME wisely if you want to commit to a full-scale workspace management initiative.

To find the right SMEs for your project, look no further than a staffing firm. Allowing a staffing firm to manage the search, interviewing process, assignment progress, and employee overhead of your workspace management SME can take a lot of the stress off your company. Staffing firms build expert teams that go above and beyond in talent management so you don’t have to. You will receive top-tier staff for a fraction of the spend.

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