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We discussed SEO from the perspective of resumes and websites. Now we’ll explain how it can be used to improve your professional social media efforts. Awareness and engagement can be exponentially improved by carefully managing your profile and getting the most out of search functions. Continue reading to learn what social media SEO is and why it can further your professional goals!

Account Details

Setting up your social media accounts properly is the first and most important step. It’s okay if you’ve already done so; you can go back and edit almost any entry. Platforms prompt you to fill out fields like your name, interests, occupation, and affiliations. Especially if you’re using a professional platform like LinkedIn, you will want to fill out as much info as you can. This will increase the likelihood that you engage with and attract the right people. Pay special attention to standardized entries like location, job titles, and skills because many people use them to conduct searches. If you want to find work as software developer, it will help if you appear in ‘software developer’ searches.

Some sections of your account will allow lots of text. User experience (UX) factors heavily into modern social media SEO, and these areas of your profile pose the highest risk to it. Examine your copy for spelling and syntax errors. These can deter viewers of your profile from further engaging with it. You should also add a few keywords that relate to your networking goals to your copy. This can improve the search performance of your profile.

Being found on networks is important to social media SEO, but so is finding the right things. Search functions can differ among platforms, but they all involve similar principles: queries and filters. The query is the text you type in the search bar describing what you’re looking for. Filters help narrow down the results of the query based on specific parameters. It’s good practice to be mindful of ‘double-dipping’ filters, or trimming your search by two parameters which are closely related. This may make the search results too conservative. Instead, use filters sparingly when you begin a search. You will usually find a large pool of results, and if it is too much to handle, you can always add more filters to further funnel your search. This way, you get to see the big picture results of your query before you corner it down with various parameters.

If the right filters are not provided on a certain platform, you can also use boolean operators. AND operators identify results containing all of your search terms. You can use them by putting parentheses around the first term and adding AND before the next. If you would like to search people who work as programmers and live in Chicago, you could enter the notation below:

“programmer” AND Chicago

This will return results that contain both programmer and Chicago. If you would like to include results that either include one term or another, but not necessarily all of them, you can use an OR operator. Terms separated by OR will return results with one term or another. If you want to search for a programmer or a developer, you could enter the notation below:

programmer OR developer

Have a Company?

Running a business today almost always requires strong social media efforts. If you don’t have the resources to upkeep your page or generate quality copy, you can turn to staffing firms. The firm can supply a subject matter expert (SME) to manage your social media strategies with impressive results. Even a short-term contract SME can advise a team on lasting strategies that will benefit your company in the long run.

Staffing firms find talented and experienced consultants to fill your roles. By ensuring that the personnel they provide are up to job, staffing firms complete projects with high success. Professional management of your social media strategy can greatly bolster your company’s awareness and conversions. If you are thinking about using a consultant for your company’s needs, reach out to us to discuss further.

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